A session at ABIM 2018 co-organized by COST FA1405: “Microbe-based biocontrol of arthropods”

Event Details:

Tuesday October 23th 2018, 16:30 – 18:00; Congress Center Basel, Switzerland

Provisional programme:

– Travis Glare (Lincoln U., NZ): Metarhizium and Beauveria as endophytes: what species are really colonisers and is there potential for their deployment in commercial systems.

– Edith Laudner, (CBC Europe Ltd, IT): Beauveria bassiana – how does the understanding of its endophytic activity and other non-lethal effects on pest species affect its use as a biocontrol agent?

– Désirée Jakobs-Schönwandt, (Bielefeld, DE): (TBC) How can these technologies be formulated for use by farmers?

– Roma Gwynn, (Biorationale Ltd, UK): Approaches for the commercialisation of plant colonising microorganisms: the importance of educating and aligning regulatory gate-keepers.