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Thursday September 29th 2016 to Friday September 30th 2016

Tritrophic interactions between crops, microbes and arthropods are highly diverse and not fully understood. Unravelling the underlying mechanisms is of primary importance for the development of novel products. For instance, beneficial plant microbes can protect crops from insect herbivores and microbial plant pathogens by triggering the plant’s defense system and can enhance the attraction of the natural enemies of its herbivores, thus enhancing the efficacy of biological control. Furthermore, arthropodassociated microbes such as endosymbionts and entomopathogens can strongly modify the interaction of pest arthropods with crops. However, the transfer of this knowledge to practical applications has not been widely exploited, yet. Therefore, in this workshop we will explore into the tritrophic dialogue between crops, arthropods and microbes and the potential transfer of these findings into field application. This cutting edge topic will bring together scientists, technologists and representatives from companies in different parts of the industry. Participants can present highlights of their current work in oral presentations (15 minutes).

The full program for the workshop can be found here.

Abstract Book
Please view the abstract book of the meeting here.