Second Annual Meeting COST FA1405

Event Details Tuesday January 31st 2017 to Thursday February 2nd 2017 Event website Second Annual Meeting COST FA1405, Ljubljana (Slovenia), January 31- February 2, 2017. The second Annual Meeting of COST Action FA1405 took place in Ljubljana...

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Utilization of crop-microbe-arthropod interactions

Event Details Thursday September 29th 2016 to Friday September 30th 2016 Event website Tritrophic interactions between crops, microbes and arthropods are highly diverse and not fully understood. Unravelling the underlying mechanisms is...

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First Annual Meeting of COST FA1405

The first Annual Meeting of COST Action FA1405 on Crop-Arthropod-Microorganism (CAMo) Interactions was be held in Malaga, Spain from 10-12 February 2016.
For venue, programme and registration visit the website.

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CAMO from molecules to modeling

Event Details Monday September 14th 2015 Event website The initial conference of COST FA140 on Crop-Arthropod-Microorganism (CAMo) Interactions will be held in Torino, Italy from the 14-15 September. This conference will offer an opportunity to join and...

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The Working Group 2 had a meeting in Granada (Spain) to address the analysis of the database on mechanisms underlying plant-microbe-insect interactions. We spend 3 days in June 2018 in a very special place from the University of Granada called Carmen de la Victoria with nice views of the Alhambra.

Working Group 2 held a meeting on “Updating and analyzing a database on signaling pathways involved in CAMo”. The meeting took place at the University of Thessaly in Larissa, Greece, 11-15 March 2108. CAMo members from 4 participating countries (Spain, Greece, Germany and Slovenia) made good progress in completing the database and identifying patterns and gaps in our understanding of the complex interactions of plant-microbe-arthropods.